#513 How Buyers & Sellers of Professional Services Can Benefit From Borderless Business: Interview with James Sandoval

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On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy talks to James Sandoval, Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch. They talk about how both buyers and suppliers of professional services can benefit from embracing borderless business and how using modern tech can facilitate fantastic a value exchange, enabling people to work independently and still create value regardless of geographic location.

• How did James come to work in the Digital Marketing industry?
• What lead him to start MeasureMatch
• What does MeasureMatch do and how can it help buyers and providers?
• What was the inspiration for MeasureMatch and how did he go about securing funding?
• What does the future of remote working look like?
• Key takeaways for what business service providers and buyers can learn from each other

If you’d like to connect with James then you can find him on Twitter, on LinkedIn and at MeasureMatch

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