#555 Inside the Mind of a Remote SEO Analyst: Interview with Marcos Alvarez Martin

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A few episodes ago we mentioned that we have a goal with our podcast of bringing your more insider tips and advice from our team at SiteVisibility and today, we’re pleased to be able to do just that.

Our guest today is Marcos Alvarez Martin, Senior SEO Analyst here at SiteVisibility as well as BrightonSEO trainer.

Marcos has worked at SiteVisibility for over 4 years but just over a year ago he made a permanent move back to Tenerife and now works with us as a fully remote employee.

The circumstances in respect to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that right now a lot of businesses are having to adapt to working remotely and face the reality that remote working provisions are likely going to be in place for some time to come.

For that reason, we thought it would be useful to get Marcos on the podcast and describe from his perspective the benefits and struggles of life as a remote marketer.

We touch on topics including:

  • Why Marcos decided to head home and how he approached the topic of remote working with us at SiteVisibility
  • The specific steps we took together to plan out Marcos’ transition to fully remote working
  • Challenges Marcos’ has faced as a remote employee and how he has overcome them
  • Benefits of remote working for Marcos and his advice for companies in approaching the topic with employees

You’ll be hearing from Marcos again in an upcoming episode where he joins one of our clients to discuss the ins and outs of a website migration for one of the UK’s largest retailers. Look out for it!

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