#598 Sponsored Episode: The Importance of Having a Single Source of Truth with Iris Shoor, CEO of Oribi

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Oribi is an alternative to Google Analytics. It provides actionable data, insights for funnel optimization, and strong audience segmentation. All of the above without using code.

Oribi helps thousands of companies to:

  • Know exactly how each marketing activity and channel contributes to sales
  • Optimize their funnel
  • View all their key metrics, trends, and marketing budgets in one dashboard
  • Analyze and optimize paid campaigns
  • Credit every single marketing activity, from paid campaigns to newsletters and content

For 20% off your first 3-months of Oribi, use the code ‘sitevisibility’ during sign-up.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Oribi’s origin story
  • How Oribi helps business owners and marketers collect useful marketing data without the need for developers
  • What Oribi does differently to Google Analytics
  • A breakdown of Oribi’s key features and functionality
  • How Oribi uses AI to surface marketing insights
  • Who is Oribi best for?
  • The considerations behind Oribi’s key marketing messages (Google Analytics is old!)




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