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#606 Sponsored Episode: Hidden Ways That HR Can Help You Grow Your Business

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In today’s episode we’re joined by Jordi Romero, CEO & Founder of Factorial HR. Jordi joins us to discuss the diversity of ways in which HR can help you to grow your business and how Factorial’s software helps businesses make their HR processes more efficient and enjoyable.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Jordi’s early experiences as an employee in non-data led cultures drove the vision for what Factorial would later become
  • The steps Jordi and his co-founders took to create the first Factorial MVP
  • How Factorial approached their international marketing strategy
  • Factorial’s features and functionality that support employee satisfaction, well-being and retention
  • How Factorial’s employees help to shape the development of its software
  • Factorial’s plans for enhancing its software through the use of AI
  • Are we experiencing the early signs of a fundamental shift in the way HR is viewed?




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