#623 Why It’s Time to Think Differently About Branding w/ Stan Bernard, President of Bernard Associates

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In today’s episode we’re joined by Stan Bernard, President of Bernard Associates and author of the newly released book, ‘Brands Don’t Win: How Transcenders Change the Game’, available 12th October 2021.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How businesses can learn from transcender sports teams and vice versa
  • What has changed in marketing that means branding alone is no longer as effective as it once was?
  • The paradigm shift of elected advocacy to selected advocacy
  • The important role that influencer marketing plays in Stan’s transcender system vs traditionalist systems of marketing
  • Understanding how to apply ‘Campaign Agendas’ to your business, inspired by political campaigning
  • Peloton’s success in creating a cult-like following of ‘advengelicals’
  • How Starbucks became and continue to be a transcender business without necessarily having the best coffee
  • The role of Trump’s 2016 ‘Make America Great Again’ caps played in his campaign agenda

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