#654 Tips for Influencer Marketing Success in the Fashion Industry w/ Alison Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer at Launchmetrics

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In this episode we’re joined by Alison Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer at Launchmetrics. Alison is a fashion enthusiast, and experienced marketer, with prior experience working with major fashion organisations IMG Fashion and Net-a-Porter. In this episode, Alison shares her influencer marketing tips for fashion, luxury and beauty brands.
In this episode we discuss:
  • The story of how Launchmetrics worked with designer, Negris Lebrum, to bring a branded collection to the runway at NYFW
  • How big data is influencing the fashion industry
  • What marketing metrics do fashion brands care about?
  • How important is traditional media placements for luxury brands?
  • Using the ‘voices’ framework to drive a strategic approach to your influencer marketing
  • How can luxury fashion brands successfully work with micro influencers?
  • Why marketers should study Dior’s approach to influencer marketing
  • Why it can pay to provide influencers with unique experiences instead of just fees
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