The Googlictionary

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Here is beautifully compiled list of Google-related terms that have appeared since the wide-spred of the search giant. If you have any more terms, please let me know in the comments and I ll add them to the post. However, I have decided not to include Google products as that would make the list too long and less fun.. there’s a special favourite of mine at the end !

Google: (noun) 1) A company that does stuff on the net. 2) A number with 100 zeros behind it.

to Google: (verb) To use the Google search engine to enquire, find information or inform one-self.

Googler: (noun) One who uses Google.

Googles: (noun) Google results/pages indexed. Eg: “How many Googles you got?”

Googleplex: (noun) Where the magic happens…

GoogleGulp or GoogleHoax: (noun) The traditional jokes made by Google on April fools day (MentalPlex, Gmail Paper…).

Googlable: (adj.) Defines the degree to which a web page is search engine friendly. Eg: “How googlable is your main page?” leads to: Googlability: the degree to which an element is Googlable.

GoogleGod: (person, noun, dream) The one to who every SEO on the planet turns to when ranking drop. Daily incantations are necessary to secure the Google God’s attention and favours. NB: This is not Matt Cutts.

GoogleBot: (noun) see Google God.

GoogleBait: (noun) (adjective) Manipulation of the meta title & descripon of a page to influence the clicktrough rate.

Google Current: (noun) TV show detailing what people are searching on Google.

Googlee: (noun) A person or website being sought on Google. EG: “the Googler and the Googlee”

GoogleBomb: (noun, adjective, verb) A manipulation of the search engine rankings results, often used to display humorous or political messages.

Google Dance: (season) The period of time during which the google indices are tuned. Eg: “The last Google Dance got the blogging sphere going crazy about page ranks!”

GoogleGeneration: (noun) Term used to describe the generation of humans that can operate a computer without panicking.

GoogleJuice: (noun) The elbow grease passed on by links that ultimately affects SERPS and rankings.

Ego-Googling: (activity) The act of searching for one’s own name using Google.

Googletwin: (noun) Someone with a similar name to you (or to someone else) that appears in your (or someone else’s) SERPS.

Google Poodle:  (adjective) The only viable option for Yahoo after Jerry Yang refused MSN’s offer.

GoogleTap: (product) A PHP-Nuke by-product for turning dynamic links into static URLs.

GoogleWash: (noun, adjective, verb) See GoogleBomb.

GoogleFight: (noun, adjective, verb) Not a Google product, it compare the amount of search results for two given terms.

Google It Retard !
GISR: Google Image Search’it Retard!
GSFG: Go Search F****** Google! (Yes Rand, it’s F bomb day)

GoogleWhack: (noun, verb) The term used to describe a search query made up of two real words and resulting in one sole result. Made famous by Dave Gorman’s brilliant stand-up comedy Googlewhack.

and finally my favourite. I present to you the:

Procreatium Google: (noun, species) Species of ant discovered this century which were named after Google for the role Google Earth played in discovering the new species.

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