Things That We Liked At The Content Marketing Show

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As you may have heard, we recently held the Content Marketing Show. Several members of the SiteVisibility crew were in attendance, and the day was full of some inspiring and informative talks and workshops on the world of content marketing. Here are the things that we liked the most from the day:

Sweeties and cakes courtesy of Zazzle and Caliber-i

If anyone knows the way to my heart, it’s certainly these guys. There was a queue snaking round the room to get at the cinema style pick ‘n’ mix from Caliber-i and Zazzle made some really nifty cakes.

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Cupcakes courtesy of @zazzlemedia

Zombie Shopping Mall and celebrity tweeting strategy from

Certainly the highlight of the speakers, Stephen Pavlovich from told us how he successfully got the likes of Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg to tweet about their unique experience days. He also told us about the not so successful pitch for a romantic stay for three at a hotel on Valentine’s Day.

Our very own Mila giving her first presentation

Representing the content team, Mila gave a talk on the things she has learnt over the past few months of joining the team. It’s always nerve-wracking giving your first talk, however Twitter went wild after with all sorts of tweets congratulating our new star:



The bright red braces of Stephen Leighton

Going against the grain with his no PR approach, I was just entranced by this dude’s awesome dress sense and animated presentation. Check out his braces here

Post it note fandom from Lauren Pope

Stealing ideas from her developer pals, Lauren applied Agile development techniques to her content strategy which resulted in many post it notes and massive brainstorm sessions. Check out her Slideshare presentation here: – seriously, do it, there’s a picture of an awesome dog in it.

Learning how to be green with content and recycling old stuff

I’d never thought of this tactic before, but Chelsea Blacker from @blueglass told us how to reuse old content and turn it into something fresh and exciting. Those old company magazines you have hanging around from 2001? Steal the content from them and rehash into a new blog post. She also talked about the importance of using your own staff members to create content.

Using social media monitoring to schedule your content

Andy Keetch from Brandwatch told us how we can schedule our content to go live when people are talking about your brand the most. He also explained the complexities of algorithms used for social search data – you might not have thought to exclude “boobies” from your search.

Workshops we learnt loads from

The day before the conference I went to the workshop on how to pitch to journalists. Believe it or not, they do actually like a marketer, when it’s at the right time! Chris Lee from Content Planet led the conversation, and you can find his notes here:

pixel Things That We Liked At The Content Marketing Show