ABC’s of SEO

ABCs of SEO: H is for HTML

This post outlines the most important HTML elements for SEO. So even if you don’t know any html at all, hopefully by the end of reading this you will be able to check whether you are optimising all the main tags that Google will be looking at. The Title tags are the first tags that […]

ABC’s of SEO – F = Facebook PPC

With Facebook becoming a true behemoth of the online world, businesses are taking a wider view of how to utilise it for biggest impact. This will usually take the form of business pages and, in conjunction with Twitter, will be used to engage with customers. However, Facebook also has another trick up its sleeve: Pay-Per-Click […]

ABC’s of SEO – E is for Email Marketing

It’s surprising how many companies ignore the value of email marketing, not only for selling a product or service or sending out a valued message, but more importantly, the value it holds for brand awareness. Email marketing can generate significant growth in brand equity, your reputation, and general awareness of your company and what you […]

ABC’s of SEO – D is for Directories

As with any kind of business promotion you shouldn’t ignore any options when it comes to shouting about your company and telling everyone to see what you can offer, and it’s no different when it comes to websites. Directories are often seen as the dull yet necessary part of promotion. In “real” world terms this […]

ABC of SEO: C is for Content

It’s often been said that ‘Content is King’ in SEO, and it can be split into two broad categories; on site and off site. On Site It’s quite obvious that the content of a website is an important part of any SEO campaign. Google love original content, and that’s why behemoth sites like Wikipedia, BBC […]

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