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Internal 301 redirection issues – How to find, resolve and fix them


As Technical SEOs, the internal navigation links can sometimes be overlooked during a website migration. A lot of time will be spent mapping and ensuring 301 redirections seamlessly carry visitors and link strength (or at least 90% of it) from old to new URLs. Most SEOs are familiar with 302 redirections not passing much link […]

Canonical URLs: A guide to identifying and solving issues


Today we are going to talk about a common problem that I often find while undertaking Technical Audits. Even though it may seem harmless at first sight, if solved, it may improve your site’s performance in SERPs: URL Canonicalisation What is URL canonicalisation? Canonicalisation issues occur when the same content on a site is displayed […]

Writing a killer brief

future of content marketing

If you’re thinking about or actually looking for a good search marketing agency, the quality and detail in the brief can make or break the potential success of your project. Not only will a good brief help your potential agency to develop a tailoured response, but the process of creating it can help you really […]

Google Places Changes You Need To Know About

Google Places, Google Local, Google+ Business Pages, Google Places for Business; whatever they are called nowadays, they remain a vital part of any digital campaign for websites with physical brick and mortar locations. Google have been very actively changing this service in the previous year or so and sometimes it alone can feel like a […]

Industry Analysis – Vacuum Cleaners: Search Trends & Social Media Insights

The trusty vacuum cleaner, a necessity for any home even in this modern age of gadgets, technology and hover boards (well not quite yet with the later). Would you believe it? Walter Griffiths way back in 1905 took the first steps in making them portable, easy to use and easily maneuverable. Nevertheless it wasn’t until […]

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