#590 How to Accelerate Organic Performance Using SEO Automation with Nitin Manchanda, Founder of Botpresso

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In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we’re joined Nitin Manchanda, Founder of Botpresso.

Nitin has helped companies including Trivago, Flipkart and Omio grow through organic search and today he joins us to share his advice on how to accelerate organic growth with the help of SEO automation tools and processes.

Accelerate Your Organic Performance

In this episode we discuss:

  • How SEO automation has developed over the last decade
  • How AI and ML can be used to help scale content production
  • Software and services to help you get started with SEO automation projects
  • SEO automation software recommendations that will help you stay on top of critical technical SEO problems
  • Why using automation in outreach might not be the best idea
  • How Nitin would like to see SEO automation used in the future

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