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Changes in Google’s structured data testing tool & guidelines – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #299

Today we talk to David Deering who owns Touch Point Digital Marketing. They offer services from web design to SEO and David personally specialises in structured data markup. What is structured data? David tells us that in simple terms it is the process of adding certain tags and codes to your webpages so Google can […]

Kelvin Newman and Alex Hepworth – Etsy Talk: Building Brand Awareness with Bloggers

The most recent Brighton Etsy Talk this month was prepared by are very own Kelvin Newman, Marketing Director, and Alex Hepworth, who is our Digital content and PR Campaign manager. The aim of their talk was to inform bloggers about the vast opportunities for generating great content for their blogs, and the various different ways […]


In this podcast we talk to Nir about habit formation and consumer psychology. Nir used to be in the gaming and advertising industries, which are built upon engagement and mind control. In those industries Nir learned how to change user behaviour through using different technologies, but there was no ‘how to’ manual. Nir decided to […]

Brand Psychology: Consumer perceptions, corporate reputations – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #297

Today we are joined by Jonathan Gabay who has written 14 books, is endorsed by the CIM, was creative group head at Saatchi Saatchi and is a Thunderbirds fan. He talks about his thoughts behind his book, Brand Psychology. He points out how people often write things online which they don’t truly feel; in that […]

Real-time Content Creation And Strategy – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #296

Today we talk to Jon who has been involved in marketing for 20 years. In 2005 Jon started and went on to publish the book “Newsjacking”. He tells us about his company ‘TBC’ (To Be Confirmed. To Be Continued. The Burkhart Company), ie nothing’s been confirmed and everything’s changing. We talk about real-time marketing […]

Communication in digital – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #295

Today we talk to Kelvin who has recently been working with BITC (Business in the Community) on some of the ways you can communicate using digital. If you’re new to this you’ll benefit greatly from a very good introduction to some of the topics that are important. Online marketing is hugely competitive and it won’t […]

Moving from marketer to entrepreneur – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #294

Ed is an entrepreneur who has worked with plenty of innovative businesses including the gaming industry. In this podcast he talks about his transition to entrepreneur and founding Laundrapp. He discusses how marketing is very closely aligned to entrepreneurship. Marketers tend to be the glue in organisations; they will work across the whole business, similar […]

The importance of culture in digital marketing – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #293

In this episode we talk to John who is head of new business and has been with Oban for 2.5 years and Emily, who is head of SEO, international strategy. She has 18 years’ experience working in digital for international markets. They talk to us about how localisation is very important regarding cultural boundaries. When […]

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