On this page you can download some of our popular “think-papers” (whitepapers for the more discerning marketer).

The CEO’s Guide to Google+

Google+ is set to have a massive impact on the Search landscape and this guide tells you on one page what you need to know, what your team needs to do and explains why Google+ is so important for businesses.

The Marketing Director’s Guide to Google+

Since the release of Google+ to the public in 2011, there have been frequent debates in the digital community over what the strategy should be, how it will impact on not only social media, but also on search results. This whitepaper lays out what you should be considering when adopting Google+ and designing your strategy, and explains how to create your Google+ profile to ensure maximum impact, and demonstrates the relationship between social signals and where companies feature in the SERPs.

Five methods to future-proof your SEO campaign

There’s no avoiding that the last 18 months has seen some huge shifts in search, and old fashioned business as usual SEO is dead. What worked as a search marketing tactic to top Google’s natural search rankings even a year ago may no longer have any impact. Fool-proof strategies of the past no longer cut it anymore. New and innovative techniques are required to gain the kind of visibility a company needs in order to get a positive return on investment in natural search marketing. In this think-paper we highlight five of the biggest trends in search engine optimisation and show you how you can take advantage of these developments to ensure your SEO campaign is firing on all cylinders.

Are you getting your SEO right for your ecommerce website?

Whether you’re a ‘pure-play’ online retailer or taking a ‘bricks and mortar’ business ‘digital’ you will no doubt be investing in some form of online promotion. But are you spending your hard earned marketing budget on the most cost effective digital marketing techniques? Whether you’re already investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) or thinking about it for the future, this nine page think-paper will illustrate quick wins and strategic concerns that every marketer should be thinking about.

The Marketing Directors’ guide to Search

Is SEO as complicated as it seems? It certainly doesn’t need to be. In this think-paper which we explain how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be used in conjunction with traditional marketing principles and we outline the various ways you can use SEO to help meet your marketing objectives.

PR Tweet Sheet

What is Twitter and why all the fuss? In this think-paper we show you how can use Twitter as part of your online PR campaign.