Google Analytics has a lot of configuration settings. It’s what gives the tool its flexibility. It’s often the case that when we’re asked to sense check a Google Analytics set up and we enquire about ‘documentation’, we find that nothing exists…

Often each previous ‘owner’ or ‘editor’ leaves their mark on your Google Analytics Account, but without a single annotation to speed up and simplify the understanding of the account and analysis for those that follow.

This lack of procedural documentation often results in a chunk of time being wasted and raises the risk of potentially costly mistakes being made. Bringing all your settings into a single shareable resource which stays up to date must be a high priority if you are really serious about your web analytics.

And that’s why you need an up to date Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan will contain all your settings in GA’s interface. We’ve also provided a checklist and template to work through with detailed instructions.

Download our template and guide today to ensure you’re tracking all changes to your Google Analytics account.

Download our Google Analytics Implementation Plan Mega Guide

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