SEO Copywriting Services

Your principal keywords should appear more prominently on the page, if not how will the search engines know what that page is about?

Getting SEO Copywriting Right First Time

Unlike some agencies we don’t get hung up on keyword density, we just make your copy easy to read, informative and on-theme. We write for the end-user not just the search engine.

Once we have selected which keywords to optimise the page for, we ensure they are being used in the most important areas of your site, including:

  1. Heading tags (the page title)
  2. The first sentence of the page and the last paragraph
  3. Incoming and outbound anchor text links on the page
  4. Repeated 3-4 times within the rest of the page content
  5. Including the page’s main keyphrase in bold, italics and in bulleted lists can also give the page a boost

How Do We Write For Search Engines?

Heading tags should be used for headings and subheadings. They should be used in a hierarchical fashion when using multiple tags. E.g. H1, H2, H3. These tags are given a much higher prominence than average text. They also help to break the page up into sections allowing the reader to identify the relevant information.

We use a H1 tag for the page title and then use H2 or H3 tags for paragraph headings and paragraph sub sections.

The importance of anchor text – the greater the number of links pointing to a page, the more important it is considered to be by the search engines. Links are counted as votes of confidence and it is important to gain as many as you can from important sites.

Both internal and external anchor text links should be keyword rich, as opposed to using irrelevant text such as “click here”. Using a targeted search term in the anchor text (the actual ‘clickable’ link) will help the search engine to determine the theme and content of that page. Using descriptive anchor text also clearly tells the user what the content and theme is of the page you are linking to.

A good guideline to follow is limiting the page content to around 350 – 450 words. Using longer copy is not ideal from a ‘scanning’ and ‘usability’ perspective.

Formatting Your Content In A Search Friendly Way

No matter how long or short your copy is we ensure you make use of other styling methods such as bulleted lists, paragraph headers and bold text. Users scan web pages and breaking up the text with headers, bullets and bold text help them to quickly create a mental picture of what the page is about.

Following these simple steps has helped us produce targeted and easy to read content, increasing the relevancy of our clients’ pages for a wider range of keyword searches.

If you’d like us to help write web content so it performs better in search engines get in touch.