A Whole Week’s Worth of Apple Pie & Custard

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It’s been quite a week since the re-launch of our Blog Apple Pie & Custard here at Site Visibility. We’ve surpassed even our most cocky of predictions of how well it would go.

Okay just one more slice – via flickr

We went popular on Danny Sulivan’s Sphinn which sent us a nice bunch of targeted social media traffic.

The StumbleUpon Effect does exist and was our biggest source of traffic.

Everyone’s favourite SEO Rockstar/Obi Wan, Rand popped by and left a comment.

We met up with the SEO Blokes & Chicks and did what might be described by the Daily Mail as Binge Drink.

We’ve posted interviews with two of the biggest names in UK SEO Blogging; Lyndon & Lisa D and have a cracker from the Search Marketing Party King himself – Chris Hooley cued for tomorrow.

And Jason Calacanis proved he is the king of the “ego search” by del.ici.ous bookmarking both our stories about him.

Here’s a rundown of our posts since the re-launch; but worry not we’ve got loads of even better posts lined up for week 2….

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