Linkbait, it’s about the banal & the fascinating – Lyndon “CornwallSEO” Antcliff Interviewed

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[tag]Lyndon Antcliff[/tag] from Cornwall SEO is one of the country’s leading internet marketing bloggers and because of some of his great [tag]Social media marketing[/tag] & link bait articles, is one of my personal favourites. So not surprisingly I asked him if there was any chance of an interview.

Are Clients actively seeking out Link Baiting Services or is it still an industry term?

I have been approached by a number of people requesting [tag]linkbaiting[/tag] services. However these tend to be people with knowledge of SEO and [tag]linkbait[/tag]. How can you know about seo these days without also knowing about linkbaiting.

People recognise that link building is not going to go away as a solution to their internet marketing problems and I think people will be employing people like me more and more.

Basically, I’m a writer with specific knowledge of internet marketing. When people recognise that excellent content works on the principles of compound interest rather than the temporary effect a paid link can bring, a writer who can create content engineered to get links is never going to be out of work.

Yes it’s very much an industry term, but then I find your regular business person has never heard of the long tail or in a lot of cases, blogging.

You’ve spoken before about Switchbait, have you had any success with this tactic and do you think it worth experimenting with?

I have not implemented [tag]Switchbait[/tag] in the way I wrote about, which is to 301 a whole domain after successful linkbaiting. But, I have used linkbait to attract links and then modify a page, although keeping it within the context of the original post.

I just haven’t had the time to do naughty things with it, although I do bait a few throw away domains with some interesting titles and may do something down the line with those.

I think it’s always wise to use a technique in a wild and whacky way as it may throw up workable techniques that no one has thought about.

If a business is operating in a sector without bloggers or a discernable linkerati do you think irrelevant links from linkbait are worth while?

Yes, in the sense that the time invested produces enough links with the correct anchor text to effect a change in the SERPS for sought after keywords. But, is more tricky and requires thought and creativity. If a story has that unusual quality about it, people will link regardless of the sector. You see this on Digg all the time.

It’s about mixing the banal and the fascinating. A lot of things that get linked to are utter drivel, but they have that “have to see what it’s about” quality.

It’s something the tabloids do very well.

It’s quite widely acknowledged that the headline is one of the most important aspects of any link bait, but is it possible to create a good headline for even the worst content?

Absolutely. People think a headline should be the truth of the article, it’s the hint of the truth. The article is the meat itself.

The headline is the aroma, the smell of the dish. If it smells bad, it doesn’t matter what the food is, but an attractive smell can cover all sorts of indiscretions.

Funnily enough someone recently submitted an article I wrote about self esteem. They spelt the headline “etseem” instead of esteem and then added the tag line “you fat losers need to read this” or something like that. Absolutely awful, and yet it got to the front page and the quality of the article enabled it to get a ton of links.
The reverse of what you are asking I know, but interesting to point out. Imagine if I had offered that to a client.

Which 5 Search Blogs could you not live without?

SEO Moz keeps me current Andy Beard keeps me honest Aaron Wall keeps me thinking Andy Hagans keeps me trying to catch up Michael Gray keeps me wanting more

I have about 160 search based blogs in my rss reader and I try to read as many as I can. Sorry if I left anyone off the list, there are so many great new blogs out there like etc. I could go on….


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  5. Spot on from Lyndon as usual. I think a lot of folks will come to know what link baiting means as time goes on. After all, the whole premise of doing well on the internet involves giving people what they want.

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