Is Craigslist part of your online marketing strategy?

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Recently there’s been a boom in free online classified advertising sector, it’s been estimated that Craigslist is the world most popular job website and even smaller competitors like Gumtree & Kijiji (both owned by eBay) have plenty of reach.

Craigslist HQ, pretty homely – via flickr

However despite these websites huge audience; [tag]online marketers seem[/tag] to be ignoring the huge potential these sites offer to promote their business. The links from these sites carry no weight in the eyes of Google. But despite having no real search engine marketing value, they can still have an important part to play in balanced [tag]online marketing strategy[/tag].

Piggy Back on their Brand – despite being a huge moneymaking venture [tag]Craigslist[/tag], has done a good job creating a relationship with their users. Much in the same way as Google, they have been able to present themselves as benevolent friend in the online world. By advertising on these sites; you can harness some of that good-will, to create a positive perception of your business.

Zero Cost – As long as you aren’t advertising jobs, there won’t be a penny to pay to appear on the site. When you consider the sheer level of exposure an advert gets, you realise what a great deal this is. Take a few minutes writing your copy, post it to Craigslist, [tag]Gumtree[/tag] & [tag]Kijiji[/tag] and you’re away. Even makes the ROI of a well set up pay per click campaign look shoddy.

Local Traffic – even companies that operate nationally like us, get a good proportion of our work from local traffic. Brighton SEO is one of our top performing search keywords. Because each Craigslist site is tied to a specific city, they are great at getting sending targeted people to your site.

It’s early days – I’ve seen a few recruiters and letting agents employing this technique, but in most other sectors it’s not that common. The lack of competition makes it at even more appealing opportunity.

You have to follow the rules and regulations of the sites, but other than that it’s a great performing tactic in your online marketing arsenal.

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