How Savvy Search Marketers Are Taking Advantage of the Northern Rock Banking Crisis.

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Our American readers might not know but, Northern Rock the UK’s fifth largest mortgage lender has found themselves in a bit of bother in the last week. Simplifying the story; [tag]Northern Rock[/tag]’s business model relied upon cheap credit which dried up after the sub-prime problems stateside and paniced savers started withdrawing all their money from the bank making their problems even worse.

I thought a topical story like this would be a perfect opportunity to see how Google’s [tag]Universal Search[/tag] was working. And fair play to the Big G they featured some good news stories and blog coverage nicely integrated within their results.
What I hadn’t expected to really expected to see was [tag]PPC[/tag] advertisers taking advantage of the situation. The PPC adverts were full of affiliates, as you would expect, but at the bottom of page one an online publisher was advertising their news coverage.

They’d circumnavigated Google’s trademark protection; seemingly by bidding on “Rock Northern” on broad match. While the ad copy wasn’t too brilliant; it’ll have done a good job of sending some targeted traffic to their site.

So well done to who ever is running the PPC campaign for [tag][/tag], you’ve done a great job illustrating how some topical keyword selection can deliver real value for advertisers. I know it’s inspired me to keep my eye on the news for potential keywords for our clients.

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