The Oldest Link Bait Trick in The Book

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Everybody in the world of SEO wants links. Link bait has become one of the most effective uses of your time to attract those links, so much so a good friend of mine is making a good living offering specifically a linkbait creation service.

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But lots of people don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a link worthy piece of text that’s going to appeal to the linkerati.

We’ve fairly recently launched a white paper I’ve written on social media marketing specifically for the recruitment sector. We’ve had over a hundred and fifty people download it since we launched last Friday.

Not huge numbers but bear in mind there’s only so many marketing people at job boards and recruiters in the UK and now quite a few have them have read about the way we do things here at SiteVisibility and hopefully when they are looking for an SEO or marketing firm we’ll be on their mind.

Another added bonus we got a dozen or so pretty decent links off the back of it. A perfect example of a piece of linkbait that’s worked well in the b2b sector.

But why are whitepapers such good link bait?

Relatively Unusual – despite many companies beginning to experiment in blogging not that many regularly produce whitepapers, especially amongst our closest competitors. Being unusual instantly makes something more linkable.

Permanent – the beauty of blogs and even more so twitter is that it’s all so transitory, but at the same time something that has been made perm ant in a pdf is a lot more noteworthy. Your saying your confident in it and believe it will stand the test of time.

More Thought and Effort – as soon as you start writing something more than a thousand or so words you have to start structuring it better, thinking about your argument and making sure there’s no gaps in what you are trying to communicate. This greater level of content makes what you produce more interesting and more likely to stand out in the eyes of someone who has the potential to reward you with a link.

Better Content – with the best will in the world blog posts or email newsletters are never gonna be lavished with attention you would give an extended white paper. The more time you spend the better the quality of your content and in the simplest of terms the better the quality of content you produce the greater likelihood people will link to it.

So have a look into writing a white paper it could be the linkbait piece you’ve been looking for.


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