A Reading List on How To Blog for Beginners

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Here at SiteVisibility our team has grown quite drastically over the last 12 months while unfortunately our blog was stuck with myself and Eloi as authors. Well that’s all about to change with all of our production team and a few other members of the company getting their hands dirty over the next couple of weeks.

Creative Commons License photo credit: austinevan Now where to start…..

Working in a digital marketing agency we’re all a familiar with blogs but some of us haven’t blogged that seriously before. So to help everyone get up to speed I compiled a reading list to act as a crash course in how to blog with a real focus on link bait.

And as I always like to try and kill two birds with one stone I thought I’d share that list with you guys

Introduction to the concept of Link Bait and discussing the pros and cons of the term

Mainstream media article on how to blog

Introduction to blog with a list of hundred of post about blogging

56 ways to get traffic to your blog by bald marketing guru seth godin

20 types of content which tend to produce link worthy content that people often link to

Often bloggers cover similar stories and news, if you’re covering a story which you didn’t break how can you stand out from others covering the same topic

SEOmoz believe link bait tends to fall into two categories, they describe each and provide examples of successes within each type.

How to come up for ideas for content that appeals to people who can provide your content with links

Introducing the concept of the ‘linkerati’ the people who have the ability to link and how to appeal to them

Understanding the ‘hooks’ which make people read and link

Pretty much what it says on the tin, how to write great headlines

Any great posts I’ve missed out? Beginner guides or in depth for old hands let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


  1. That’s a great idea and list kelvin, thx. I had read some, but not all… Will get on the case!

  2. These are great examples. Now with so many blogs out there it is really important to keep posts witty and catchy to grab the attention of the masses.

  3. yeah it’s not easy, the main problem I find is the wealth of advice available and finding it difficult to know which is most useful.

    Hopefully for a few of you this list prooved a bit of a filter…

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