Who’s advertising against comic relief today?

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I had to resist calling this “Who’s exploiting African’s today!”

One of the most popular posts on this blog last year was Are you missing an Olympic PPC opportunity where we identified an opportunity for cheap traffic from Olympic searches. I thought I’d see who was taking advantage of the traffic spike comic relief/ red nose day type keywords are going to be getting today.cheryl_04.jpg


There’s no Google Doodle for red nose day (which I was a bit surprised about) but I reckon there’s plenty of search traffic.

First up, ‘comic relief’…


At the moment only YouTube and iTunes are running ads on ‘comic relief’. The iTunes link goes through tradedoubler  so I don’t know if thats an affiliate cashing in?

How about ‘red nose day’…


hmmm, a suspicious number of dating sites here. Its a good thing I took the screen grab because when I refresh they all disappear just leaving the YouTube ad. Maybe Google just thinks I’m desperate?!

I also looked to see if there was anyway to get links on the comic relief sites themselves. All I could find was the partners page where Foxy Bingo among others have got a link. I imagine this works out an expensive paid link and I’m sure this isn’t why they ran the campaign, but Bingo’s a pretty competitive market these days so this type is invaluable. Nice work Foxy.

You can donate to comic relief here.

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