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19 Ways To Build Links to Your Website – Pecha Kucha Kelvin Newman from SiteVisibility on Vimeo.

If you’ve not come across Pecha Kucha before I reccomend looking into it. Despite not being able to pronounce it properly I love it. A presentation format/structure with 20 slides with 20 seconds each.

It’s great for two reasons – if like me you love the sound of your own voice it forces you to remain on concise and on topic or if you’re a less confident speaker six minutes twenty isn’t to daunting to fill.

We’re always keen to share knowledge internally here at SV but I thought it would be great to share some of these sessions with you are loyal blog readers.

First up is a presentation from me on 19 different ways to build links to a website, rather convient with the number of slides.

Over the coming weeks you’ll get to see presentations from other members of our team. Some directly about search and social others more broadly about digital.

You can watch it here – SEO Pecha Kucha 19 Link Building Techniques

As always we’d love your feedback positive or not in the comments.


  1. It was on someone’s roof! They were making it so you could see it on the aerial photos on Google earth.

    I think it was in america so spose it’s technically waldo rather than wally!

  2. Producing video is a big one; this is a rapidly growing trend. It’s true that a lot of companies seem to be afraid of this tactic but if you provide quality content and make sure you reach the appropriate audience there can be tremendous benefits.

  3. You’re Right Ali, if I can mumble my way through a pecha kucha session anyone can!

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