Google Predicts the End of the Recession in the UK

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If you’re a regular listener to our podcasts you may know how totally enamoured I am with Google Insights

Well over the last couple of weeks they’ve added a new piece of functionality that got me even more excited than really is healthy; They started predicting future search trends. This is all kinds of ace, but got me thinking; did Google think the end of the recession in the UK is in-sight? (boom boom)





I wouldn’t want to bet my life savings on this analysis but across these five search terms (home cinema system, laptop, luxury holidays, luxury villa & lcd tv) Google are predicting either record highs in search traffic in the coming months or at least returning to the peaks seen before the recent downturn.

Recently, both John and myself have written about SEO and the recession, it’s interesting to see that there does seem to be a positive trend predicted by Google for the coming months.

Maybe we weren’t far off the mark here. Brand Republic are reporting a similar story about Google search data showing green shoots.


  1. I wouldn’t use this at a real foundation but it does seem that people are slowly starting to look for those high priced ticket items. Either that or they are making their Christmas list.

  2. Author

    You’re right Nick, I wouldn’t bet my house on Google Insight’s data, but if anyone has the data to realistically assess consumer confidence and behavoir it’s Google!

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