& Patrick Altoft’s Greatest Hits

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We’ve already covered some fantastic blogs as part of our greatest hits series, and we’ve got some brilliant blogs lined up, but if I had to chose my pick of the bunch it would be Blogstorm.


Written predominantly by Patrick Altoft it’s one of the UK most innovatitive Blogs covering search and social media.

The best posts are the actionable ideas which I’d never of thought of, which make up many of our top ten favourite posts from the site.

  1. cut and paste one line of code to make any website editable
  2. advanced google analytics
  3. how to use google alerts to find out if your site gets hacked
  4. wordpress crawl rate tracker
  5. how I use url search to get thousands of visitors
  6. 4 ways to get banned from technorati 100
  7. billion dollar javascript
  8. top 100 uk blogs
  9. how to monitor your rankings using google analytics advanced filter segmentation
  10. top 10 worst websites

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