How To Get Your Content Indexed on Google News

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Google News aggregates news headlines from around the world, and displays them according to reader’s interests. It allows readers to look at content by subject rather than source, offering several links for each news story, each produced by different publishers with different perspectives.

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It’s great for finding out what’s going on in a particular industry or sector, and submitting your site for inclusion is also a good way to gain traffic and awareness for your site. By producing useful and interesting news content and packaging it in the right way, you can see your blog posts or news stories appear in the search results alongside those from top newspaper websites and news agencies on the Google News pages.

News is ranked on a variety of factors, including post frequency, freshness, location and relevance. Stories are not displayed based on a political preference or ideology, providing readers with stories from a wide range of publishers on every subject.

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There are some criteria which Google expect a site to adhere to in order to be included, this includes the content being original and not solely promoting the publisher’s business and activities. It’s also important for the site to be produced and maintained by an organisation with multiple writers, and Google will ask you for links to this information when you submit a site.

Each article needs a unique static URL, which should contain a unique three-digit number (such as Four digit numbers which appear as years (e.g. 2006) cannot be crawled by Google News.

Homepages should contain links to individual articles, and not the articles themselves, at least not in their entirety. The stories on the homepage should link to each individual story on its own page. Text links of less than 22 characters such as “full story” or “read more” are recommended.

Articles which are too long can be excluded, and this can also result from having excessive reader comments or an html layout which contains extra material at the bottom of the page. Google are looking for paragraphs consisting of several punctuated sentences. Articles consisting of a few isolated sentences are unlikely to be indexed.

Google News displays images alongside stories, and prefers .jpg images to .png. Embedded videos can also be displayed, and are much more likely to be if they are hosted on YouTube, which coincidentally is owned by Google.

Once your website and its contents are up to scratch, then you can submit the site to Google News for inclusion.

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  1. This can make a huge difference to your traffic. If you are churning out good content everyday adding it to Google news will bring in real business as well as traffic. My experience of getting included has been great.

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