Biggest UK Search Agencies – The 2010 NMA List

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Well in case you’ve not had your hard copy in the post yet the NMA 2010 services guide is in the wild, they’ve not updated their website yet so I thought I should spill the beans for those who aren’t very patient, like me!

Here’s the list of the UK’s biggest search agencies ranked by income.

  1. Bigmouthmedia
  2. iCrossing
  3. Greenlight
  4. Forward3d
  5. Latitude
  6. Jellyfish
  7. Unique Digital
  8. Stickyeyes
  9. Tamar
  10. Steak
  11. Propellernet
  12. Golley Slater Group
  13. Epiphany Solutions
  14. Agenda21
  15. Equi-Media
  16. I Spy Marketing
  17. Summit Media
  18. VCCP Search
  19. Harvest Digital
  20. SiteVisibility
  21. Positive Digital
  22. Guava
  23. SiteLynx
  24. DBD Media
  25. Further Search Marketing
  26. Coast Digital
  27. Leapfrogg
  28. Lakestar Media
  29. Euston Digital
  30. Artemis8
  31. Tug
  32. SEOptimise
  33. Strange
  34. Vivid Lime
  35. Web Marketing Group
  36. iVantage

Suffice to say you should go out and by a hard copy yourself or otherwise NMA might get angry with me for sharing the list!


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