Improving The Quality of Existing Anchor Text

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Sometimes you’ll naturally have acquired a great editorial link to your website that’s perfect in every regard apart from poor anchor text like ‘click here’ we’ve had some success (but not lots) contacting people behind these links and asking them whether they would be prepared to change the anchor text.

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But at this stage it’s worth being pragmatic; could the time spent contacting these people be better spent attracting additional new links? If the process makes sense, here’s some top advice on how you can go about improving the anchor text of existing links to a site.

From our experience we’ve found people who are linking using a phrase like ‘click here’ are often more than happy to change it to the brand name, and occasionally the linker will switch to a nice keyword rich anchor.

Not very often but it does happen.

So what’s a good way to find these people to contact?

To start with you’ll need to use a link building tool which allows you to group links based on the anchor text of the link.

There’s lots of tools which provide this functionality but I use the classic version of Link Diagnosis most frequently, as it’s fairly quick, no real frills and doesn’t require me to remember a password!

Once you have run this report you will be able to see who is linking to you using what anchor text.

One of the best areas to target when seeking anchor text improvements from exisiting links is to approach those linking to you using non-specific anchor text like ‘click here’ or ‘read here’ it’s not too tough a sell to ask these linkers to switch to something more useful like your brand name.

Sometime you can convince the people linking to your site using branded anchor text to switch to something more keyword rich. I’ve found when making contact to make these kind of requests you should be as upfront as possible, explaining the reasons why your getting in touch.

If the linker has a positive relationship with the organisation they may be willing to make these changes, but be aware there is a chance they may also remove the link!

We’ve also trialled providing some kind of incentive to encourage the switch like discount codes or promotional items but haven’t carried out enough tests to form a conclusive opinion on whether this is effective or not but it certainly has proved a worthwhile experiment.

But the moral of the story is it’s much easier is to try and influence the anchor text at the stage when the link is being created and it works best when you can influence the anchor text without asking explicitly.

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  1. I tried getting two links added to write ups about our website and the author agreed to do it, with one requesting that we link to a page other than our homepage with the new link.

    Definitely worth it,


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