The 25 Best Whiteboard Fridays

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The 25 Best Whiteboard Fridays

It’ll be no surprise to you that when we started working on the premium content for the Internet Marketing Podcast we spent quite a bit of time studying what SEOmoz had been up to over the last few years.

One element of their site I personally really enjoy is the simple teaching of Whiteboard Friday. It’s an approach we’ve tried to follow in our screencasts in the premium area of the site.

Watching back these Whiteboard Fridays I was struck it would be very hard for the beginner or intermediate SEO know which of the old videos which were the most worthy of their time and attention. My High Fidelity streak came out and I produced a top 25 of my favourite whiteboard fridays:Unfortunately not all the videos are available to embed but we’ve tried to include as many as we can.

  1. The SEO Fundamentals Pyramid
  2. Keyword Strategies Kill the Head or Chase the Tail
  3. The Juice is Loose
  4. A Farewell to Pagination
  5. Matt Cutts on nofollow
  6. Email Marketing & SEO
  7. The Microsite Mistake
  8. Using the Hash tag in SEO
  9. Choosing an SEO Consultant
  10. How to Get an SEO Job
  11. You’re not on the list
  12. How to get Retweeted
  13. Building a Personal Brand
  14. Give and ye shall receive
  15. Query Deserves Freshness
  16. Dangers of nofollow
  17. Ignore the Tail at Your Peril
  18. Creating Great Online Content
  19. How Do We Plug the nofollow Leak
  20. Making Clients Happy
  21. When to Track Rankings
  22. Using Trust-rank to Guide Your Link Building
  23. Dave Naylor in Three Acts
  24. Domain Trust Authority
  25. Local Search Inclusion with David Mihm

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  1. Well its great to see all the videos at one place. Being a fan of randfish I enjoyed watching new aspects in seo. Also I would like to see more of such stuffs in future too with some more focus on code optimization.

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