Copywriting for Search Marketing – It’s Not About You

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We spend a lot of our time here at SiteVisibility on words; Finding out which words are helping our clients attract customers, which words best describe their products and services, and which words customers are likely to use to find them.

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When it comes to onsite copywriting, it’s never about you. While you might think highly of your business name, its history, employees, location and work ethic, you should concentrate on the words which consumers will use to find your products or services.

Page titles for example, should always start with a top keyword rather than a company name. Products take priority. Potential customers hitting your site are unlikely to be aware of your company, and use search engines to find the products and services they need. Starting a page title with your company name will make it nearly impossible to appear on the first page of the SERPs for a high volume keyword. Brand names are usually unique enough to be found even if the name only appears at the very end of a page title, so focus on the competitive terms. The same goes for header tags.

In the body copy, try to concentrate on the need which you are trying to fulfil. You might be tempted to fill a website with manifestos and biographies, stating your objectives and history, but all a customer wants to know is how you can help them. If you sell electronic products then talk about how they can be used, rather than how many you put together or how long they took to develop. Understanding your audience is an important part of writing for them.

Customers need to know the service you offer before they find out anything else about your company. Customers are focused on their needs, and you should be too.

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