How To Use Podcasts To Build Links

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As you probably know a while back we launched a premium offshoot of our hugely popular internet marketing podcast, over this last week on the premium site we’ve been talking about the technical and creative aspects of producing a podcast. So we continued the theme in a all-access free video this week.

How To Use Podcasts To Build Links

Podcasting doesn’t get the love it deserves, if implemented correctly it can be one of the most effective social media tools at building relationships. We show you how and why it works.

This is just one example of our daily training videos where we explain exactly how to carry out advanced internet marketing tactics yourself, we’ve covered topics like reputation management, keyword research, linkbuilding, improving your PPC quality score, tracking via Google Analytics amongst 100+ topics covered so far.

You can sign up here and get a weeks worth of content for absolutely zilch, no obligation, no hard sell, just quality content for nothing –  I hope you find it of use, it’s designed especially for people like you!

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