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So we’re here at the Brighton SEO event and Malcolm Coles, Director at Digital Sparkle has just taken the stage to talk about Karen Gillan’s underwear (better known as Doctor Who’s assistant Amy Pond). So this should be interesting…

Oh. Turns out it’s not so much about her underwear as how content creators can integrate SEO into their everyday workflow. We’re promised a look at how to embed SEO best practice with writers and what free tools are available to use…and naked celebs, hurrah!

Topics Covered:

– Trending topics: How to find what people are searching for and how to use it for SEO. Mentions Google News, Yahoo Buzz, AOL Hot Searches, Google Analytics, Surchur and Twitter as great places to find trending subjects. News organisations are also worth looking at for their “Hot Topic” sections.

– Hurrah! pictures of Karen Gillans underwear have appeared, all the geeks in the room momentarily lose concentration……


– Sorry about that. Where were we? Yes, so, trends show that weekends had the most searches for Karen Gillan, entirely due to the fact that Doctor Who is aired on a Saturday. So it would make sense to release the picture & story on a Friday/Saturday. This is how the website works, by looking at trends it can release its stories at peak interest times.

Overall tips include:

– Publish as soon as you can.

– Spend time on the headline

– Do it for links not traffic.

– Social Media is equally as important, tell everyone to retweet it as part of an experiment.





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