ABC’s of SEO – Z = The Google Zoo: What Will Google’s Next Move Be?

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abc's of seo google zoo

Here it is SEO and SiteVisibility fans – The last post for our ABC’s of SEO series. This series was designed to help you all through the wonderful world of SEO and all its different tools, techniques and skills. This last post concerns Google and their algorithm updates which all SEO gurus study meticulously every time they get rolled out.

Z is always a difficult one when it comes to doing the A-Z of a subject field – the first word that generally comes into your head will be “zebra”, or something equally as irrelevant to your topic.

What is fortunate about SEO is that zebra does in fact fit into place or at least when you consider Google’s updates as a sort of ‘Google Zoo’.



After 2 major updates of Panda and Penguin that Google has rolled out in the past year or so, many websites were hit badly by either de-indexing penalties or a tumble down the rankings.  Websites that you work on as an SEO may or may not have been hit – however, either way, reviewing tactics to ensure their alignment with Google’s updates was vital for all SEO’s.

The discussion in the SiteVisibility offices after these updates were firstly understanding these changes and then integrating this into our ongoing campaigns and tactics.  Many SEO’s embrace the changes, however at the same time it has made our jobs much more difficult.

After this came the discussion – what next?  What are Google’s next moves, and which animal will Google taint with its algorithm updates brush?  What is now regarded as a cute furry animal could have its name dragged through the mud and soon be a focal point of discussion in the SEO kingdom.  A few ideas from our staff, a mix of SEO’s, techies and social tinkerers were thrown about:

abc's of seo - google zoo

Martin “Following on from Google’s black and white theme, the Google Zebra. These avid grazers will be sure to punish poor content pastures. Keep it green & keep it clean!”.


abc's of seo - google zoo

Simon “Google Sloth – They might look sleepy but beware! These mainly nocturnal creatures will be viewing your site whilst you sleep, reading your overly-optimised pages. Oh and don’t worry they’ll be telling Google in the morning. Very sneaky!”.

abc's of seo - google zoo


Lyndsey “I would like to see a Google Llama. (I love Llamas!) You get spit on if you build naughty links.  You know like a 4D interaction with your computer where you actually get spat on. That will teach naughty SEO’s! Or will it?!?”.

abc's of seo - google zoo


Graeme “I am predicting the Google Polar bear (Grrrrr!) which will address false social   signals and gobble up vulnerable penguins and seal pups”.

abc's of seo - google zoo


Truus “The Google tick – a hidden danger: difficult to spot as they are small, but very dangerous and can have serious consequences. Beware of the tick ‘hot spots’ – keep it clean and keep away bad neighborhood”.


Well, I’m sure you can all agree, this Google zoo is a wild place! Fortunately, these are just predictions and they haven’t come true yet, but what do you think will be Google’s next moves? Which areas of SEO do you feel will come under that big Google microscope? What techniques do you feel are anti-Google? Of course feel free to let us know what animals you think will accompany them in the next installment of the Google zoo!

Please add your comments and suggestions below!

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