Google to Launch Quick Answers

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quick answers

Google is now placing more importance on saving time with quick answers. The plan is to deliver a range of quick answers within the search box regardless of whatever platform you’re using whether it be desktop, mobile etc. The initial steps are to focus on travel and retail as they aim to find information concerning flight details, itineraries, reservations and package deliveries etc. This means by typing questions such as ‘what’s my flight status’ or ‘when will my package arrive’ you’ll be provided with direct access to it via Google search.

How does it happen? well Google will use your Gmail account, your calendar and even Google Plus to find the specific details. Google announced on their blog that this new element to search will be rolled out over the next few days for English speakers in the US to begin with. It will be rolled out on multiple platforms; desktop, tablet, smartphone and even with voice search (impressive!).

Here’s a list of information you’ll be able to save time on finding (with more to be added soon):

  • Flights: by asking ‘is my flight on time’ you’ll get access to live flight statuses.
  • Reservations: ask for ‘my reservations’ and you can see dining and hotel reservation bookings you’ve made.
  • Purchases: ‘my purchases’ will send you straight to any products you’ve recently bought or ordered.
  • Plans: simply type ‘what are my plans for tomorrow’ and Google will flick through your calendar to find out what you’re up to.
  • Photos: by typing ‘show me my holiday photos in Spain’ you’ll be able to see all the photos you’ve uploaded

This information is available only when signed into your Gmail account and you can also choose to turn the service off if need be. All these exciting changes from Google will mean a growing importance for email marketing campaigns.

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