#304 How to Network Purposefully With David Fisher

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Today we are joined by David Fisher, who is the author of ‘Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What To Do About It’. The motivation for Fishers book was to detach the negative stigma that is associated to the activity of business networking. This is further expanded on in the podcast. Fisher is also a coach, speaker and president of RockStar Consulting. For the past 10 years, Fisher has been working with small entrepreneurs to help them build stronger relationships with other businesses. In this podcast, Fisher discusses the significance of business networking in the digital realm; and the importance of developing stronger business relationships through the use of traditional offline networking methods, and through the use of new online media platforms. He argues that networking is a fundamental skill and a skill that should be grasped.

Fisher coined the term “Perferssional” which is the combination of personal and professional spheres of the self, working alongside one another to aid conversation and the discussion of new ideas as he states that “Perferssional” is the way of creating bridges to new information. Fisher is keen for social media being used as a tool for networking, and it being part of the marketing mix. He states that it offers better human communication and an online presence for a small business actively seeking out relationships with other businesses. Fisher offers an upbeat discussion into the prominence of business networking and the affect it can have.








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