#588 Successful Remote Selling Tips with Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare

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In this week’s episode we’re joined by Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare.

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how salespeople generate leads, build connections and close deals. Jeroen is right at the centre of that and with Salesflare, his mission is to make salespeople’s workflows as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Salesflare’s mission and who their product is a good fit for
  • The #1 difficulty for salespeople in respect to CRMs
  • How salespeople can use their WFH environments to demonstrate authenticity and build better connections
  • The concept of ‘digital body language’ and tools that can help people understand this language
  • How salespeople have to adapt their approach to self-motivation
  • Tools and processes to help improve your sales productivity and workflow
  • How easy is it for SMEs to move from an enterprise CRM to a product like Salesflare?

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