#589 What is Challenger Brand Thinking? Interview with Paul Spirou, Managing Director of Ape Creative

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*Note: Apologies for the audio quality in this episode. We’ve tried to edit as much as the static/interference as possible and decided to publish the podcast because even though it’s below our usual audio quality, there’s a lot of great advice and insight here from Paul at Ape Creative that we thought was still useful.

In today’s episode we’re joined by Paul Spirou, Managing Director of Ape Creative, a brand design agency working with food and drink businesses creating branding, packaging, digital, internal comms and category marketing to discuss ‘Challenger Brand Thinking’ as well as provide useful tips and advice to help you with your marketing success.

Learn all about Challenger Brand Thinking:

In this episode, Scott and Paul discuss:

  • Where the term ‘challenger brand thinking’ comes from
  • Examples of challenger brand thinking
  • The difference between brand challengers and disruptions
  • The difference between USPs and UHBs
  • How well-established companies can redefine their beliefs for modern marketing success
  • Do uniquely held beliefs have to be approached in a top-down manner?

Referenced on this Episode:

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