#600 Laugh Your Way To The Bank with Joseph Wilkins, Founder of FunnySalesVideos.com

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In today’s episode (a landmark 600th show!) we’re joined by Joseph Wilkins, Founder of FunnySalesVideos.com to discuss… well, funny sales videos! Joseph had a long career in creating traditional infomercials before doubling-down on the creation of funny videos. He shares with us this story and the techniques he uses to produce funny sales videos that are seen by millions of users each year.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Joseph applied his direct response marketing experience to pivot into creating funny sales videos
  • How the Harmon Brothers inspired Joseph and his team to ‘find their funny’
  • How to create funny sales videos even if you don’t consider yourself a funny person
  • The similiarties and differences between creating infomercials and funny sales videos
  • What you need in the first 5 seconds of a video to capture someone’s attention
  • What causes users to get bored, lose attention and stop watching your online videos
  • Managing the balance of being disruptive without being distasteful
  • Techniques for repurposing sales videos into snippets for paid social ads
  • How Hollywood movies are becoming increasingly influenced by the editing techniques used in online videos

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