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Furry Exciting New Client News – SiteVisibility Finds Purrfect Match in Cats Protection

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SiteVisibility are delighted to announce that we’re joining forces with Cats Protection, the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, to help improve their visibility, and in turn ensure that more unwanted, stray or homeless cats are re-homed and that more people are educated on cats and their welfare.

Cats Protection are creating a world where every cat is treated with kindness. We’re working with them to inform this mission with an expert content strategy that sifts through an internet of misinformation and offers cat owners content they can rely on, and we couldn’t be happier to help them on their journey. 

“Team SV are understandably excited to be unleashing a digital strategy for Cats Protection. It means we get to support the improvement of content on the internet, a difficult feat in itself, but more importantly, we get to support cat welfare through our work with the lovely team at Cats Protection. Knowing what we do as marketing professionals will have a positive impact on the world is what really motivates us”

Rachel Pearson, Head of Creative, SiteVisibility 

Our Senior SEO Analyst, Marcos Martin had previously provided training for Rebecca at Cats Protection, and they came to us with a brief for reaching new audiences of cat owners and carers with valuable, trustworthy and vet-led content as well as making sure the main Cats Protection website was the primary resource of all things cat welfare.

We love that Marcos’ amazing SEO training brings about great opportunities like this and who can resist that smooth, dulcet Spanish voice of his?!

At SiteVisibility we’re crazy about pets (you may have seen Tango on our team page…) In fact, we wouldn’t be a decent agency if we didn’t go bonkers for animals, and when the opportunity arose, we collectively jumped at the chance to support a business that helps cats. 

*Note – Never trust an agency that doesn’t have a pet or two as part of their honorary team

SiteVisibility Team with their Pets

To show just how much we wanted to work together, our Head of Creative put together a pitch video to show them our enthusiasm and vision. We really wanted to save those feline friends!

To enhance our offering to Cats Protection, we also brought in Allegra Chapman to support our team as she has extensive charity sector experience. She joins us as the Account Manager and will be working closely with all of us to deliver on the promises and plans we’ve been pawing away at this month. Allegra’s a close friend of the SV team, working closely with Rachel, our Head of Creative, for many years. 

We think it’s a dream team made in heaven

“I have built my career as a freelance content and digital consultant around working with brands, businesses and organisations that impact the world positively, or are looking to do so and need to learn how. It’s so exiting for me to be working with Cats Protection and Rachel and the rest of the talented bunch at SiteVisibility. Rachel and I go way back having built Brighton Digital Women and Watch This Sp_ce together and have a great dynamic when it comes to getting stuff done and done right! I’m super pleased to be on board with SiteVisibility’s focus on social good.” 

Allegra Chapman

The partnership with Cats Protection follows a number of new client wins for SiteVisibility in 2021, including Flexebee, a leading provider of e-learning training within health and social care and ties in nicely with our teams’ desire to work for brands and businesses that fuel social-good in the world. We all want to wield our digital, data and creative expertise and passions for making positive change. 

I’m sure a lot of people have reassessed what their priorities and motivations are in the last 14 months and Team SV are no different. If you’re looking to change the world for good, for people, animals and our environment, then a team of driven marketers await your call!

We’ve recently held discussions as a team about what we want to be as a business and what impact we want to have as a team of marketers. We decided that our objectives and priorities for the year, maybe forever, would be: 

  • To lead with data
  • To inspire through creativity
  • To provide marketing only to businesses that we define as fuelling social good

We want to achieve our goal of being the #1 agency that people turn to when they are trying to achieve ‘social-good’. In essence, this means that we want to utilise our marketing skills to promote companies that are positively impacting people and the planet. Our team is experienced and socially-conscious, and so we want to make use of this collective ambition and only work with companies that are meaningful to us.

Cats Protection provide us with the perfect opportunity to utilise our data-led approach along with our creative arm to help them spread the word and ensure more cats find homes and that every cats life is beautiful.

After a year of lockdowns and uncertainty surrounding the business, a strong start to the year has led to SiteVisibility being in a position to hire for a number of new roles! If you’re interested in joining a fun, creative and fast-growing team, and you want to help change the world by working with businesses fuelling social good, check out the full job descriptions here.  

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