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If you didn’t already know, we’re co-founders of the world’s largest search marketing conference, brightonSEO.

brightonSEO takes place twice a year in Brighton, UK. It attracts over 4000 attendees and some of the smartest minds in search marketing.

In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we’re joined by SiteVisibility team members Jo, Jason and Aaron, who share their insights and takeaways from the latest brightonSEO conference that took place across the 19th, 20th and 21st April 2023.

In this episode, they answer:

  • What were the hot topics at brightonSEO?
  • Which talks inspired them?
  • Which exhibitor attracted the biggest crowds?
  • What new tools did they learn about?
  • What was their #1 key takeaway?

Referenced on this episode:

You can also find all the speaker slides from brightonSEO April 2023 here: https://www.sitevisibility.co.uk/blog/2023/04/20/brightonseo-slides-april-2023/

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