John Mcelborough – Building a Private Blog Network @johnmcelborough #brightonseo

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John Mcelborough runs his own consultancy business, IOptimal, working as an SEO consultant and affiliate marketer, priding himself on this “hands-on” approach. He also runs a number of his own web projects and blogs from his own website.

John talked about Blog Networks and how effective they are as an SEO Strategy. He discussed the practical and technical difficulties of creating a blog network for linkbuilding purposes, a network of sites used to link back to other sites in order to get more links.

But how do these networks work? When setting up his own company, John started testing linkbuilding techniques, looking at public blog networks. He came to the conclusion that they do work; however, small private networks worked the best. Public blog networks often lacked in quality, get a higher amount of spam, and are mostly US-sites, which UK marketers are probably less interested in.

John argues in favour of creating your own blog network rather than using someone else’s. This reduces the risk of being associated with spam and keep intellectual property for yourself instead of giving it away. This is a rather controversial issue, taking into account the effort and time it takes to create a whole new network instead of using existing networks. However, as John explained, creating a private blog network should be seen as an investment rather than expense.

Have a look at the video for a more extensive overview of John’s talk, such as the steps he recommends to be taken to build up your own blog network.

pixel John Mcelborough   Building a Private Blog Network @johnmcelborough #brightonseo