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Industry Analysis – How The Energy Drinks Industry Uses Social Media

The energy drinks industry has really taken off over the last 10 years, with the pace of city life increasing so has the need to feel energised in order to get through situations where your energy levels may be waning. Whether you’re powering through revision notes or working in a busy office you’re likely to […]

Bing Search is Nearly One Third of US Traffic

comScore recently released their United States search engine rankings market share report. Back in February, Google posted its highest U.S. market share on record and clearly still holds the lion’s share of the U.S. search market currently, their biggest competitor Bing, and similar search engines “Powered-By-Bing” such as Yahoo are making a good bid to […]

Industry Analysis – How Sports Brands Use Social Media

Social networks have become an increasingly important tool for companies in order for them to help build a closer relationship with their customers. Furthermore, apps and new technologies have revolutionized people’s experiences with brands making them much more instantaneous. Facebook and Twitter are two of the social networks that congregate the majority of people who […]

How to: Create Engaging Infographics

Over the last 2 years the amount of companies sharing information, data or knowledge by creative infographics has increased dramatically. More and more companies use infographics to spread their content to an audience they might not reach normally as well as helping their consumers get key information within a easily accessible graphic.  This article takes […]

Instagram Video Vs. Twitter Vine – Battle of The Brands

Yesterday Instagram officially launched it’s first video sharing tool to put Facebook in direct competition with Twitter’s successful Vine-app. Instagram explained the move, feeling that “some images need more than static to come to life”. Instagram which is available on Android and iOS (after Facebook purchased for $1bn back in April last year) now shows […]

Linkbuilding – How Do We Get Our Great Links?

Linkbuilding is still at the core of SEO and content marketing is now at the forefront of obtaining high quality links. Whether you’re writing blog posts, creating infographics, recording podcasts or publishing eBooks the purpose is to get people to engage with them. In a lot of cases, people won’t just stumble on your content […]

The Ins and Outs of Brand Wikipedia Pages

What are they? Brand Wikipedia pages are an informative directory-esque listing which allows your company to showcase itself on one of the most authoritative and searched for sites on the web. What are their benefits? Positive brand reinforcement. Potential to increase referral traffic via the brand page and subsequent citations. Potential to ensure brand exposure […]

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