Search Marketing (SEO)

The Growing Importance Of Content Marketing

The increasing amount of time that people spend online searching for information has placed more emphasis on the importance of content marketing, especially since search engines look to provide their users with the best quality results. Content is the voice of your brand and generating great and engaging content is required to take your brand […]

SEO Tips and Tactics

We’re very excited to announce the launch of a fantastic new resource for SEO knowledge! That’s right, in addition to our ABC’s of SEO eBook, we’ve now made our ThinkTank come to life in animation in order to give you the most important tips and tactics of SEO. As we all know, in the world of digital […]

Content Marketing Workshops – Key Takeaways

So after a double dosage of content marketing we thought we’d share with you all the top insights from the content marketing workshops which took place last week. Content-spec It’s vital to decide on every aspect of content before it’s created: Define the audience beforehand Define where you intend to pitch it Define the purpose/what […]

Using Google Analytics To Tell A User Journey Story

I have recently been using the standard Google tools far more frequently in the lead up to Christmas, analysing user behaviour and retention, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are still really quite remarkable for studying metrics. Although quite daunting for a novice user, the updated interface earlier this year has made the […]

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