Dan & Gareth’s CSR Day

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Here at Sitevisibility each person receives one day a year that they can spend helping the local community or a charity of their choice. This is on top of team activity days that we spend helping the local community in various ways.
Hard at work

hard at work

When I heard Dan mention he wanted to use his CSR day to help the Brighton and Hove Fostering Service to tidy up their garden area in order to make it a useable space for children in care to develop in an outdoor environment. I jumped at the chance of again using my previous landscaping skills. Their recent project has been to encourage the young people to make positive use of the very large garden space. The project began last year with the introduction of allotment areas and the building of a Den. The centre is in the process of expanding this work, and in doing so helping the young people to create an environment that they can use and feel responsible for.

So letting Dan begin during the morning with the bulk of the work, I decided to join him for the afternoon, when I thought most of the hard stuff would be done (it was!). At midday I turned up with my arsenal of cutting and chopping tools, looking like Edward Scissor hands, and met the team, including a few of the children in foster care who were helping. In fact the kids were out-doing most of us with the work!

After an introduction to the very enthusiastic and hardworking team, we each took our gardening duties for the afternoon. After lots of food, water, sweat, laughing and digging the garden had be reborn.

blog pic 3

the garden before

the garden afterwards

the garden afterwards

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