Brighton SEO – What Can Social Learn from Mad Men? Roger Warner @RogerWarner #BrightonSEO

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Roger Warner is the founder of Content and Motion, an online communications agency based in Lewes, East Sussex. Apparently he wears blue blazers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – Today being Friday I am excited about this blazer and I’m hoping for the whole hog. Blue blazer, hair slicked back, pretty girl on his arm, doing Don Draper proud. Let’s see what he has to say about what social can learn from Mad Men…

Roger’s talk involved comparing the similarities and differences between social media and advertising using the wisdom of John Hegarty a partner in an advertising firm in the 1980’s, examples from the TV show Mad Men and recent Chanel advertising.

The main points that emerged were that there are many things that social cannot get away with that advertisers could:

Authenticity is key in social, whereas as the Chanel advert demonstrated, an advert doesn’t have to make sense to sell the brand.  

Short snappy social takeaways:

– Lack of charisma is fatal 

– You are not competing with your competitors but with time. 

– You must never stop thinking like your audience     

BTW Roger was wearing a black blazer and was without the pretty girl on his arm, but I’m sure Don Draper would have been impressed with his delivery. Overall some great takeaways, advice on useful reads and personally-provoked creative thoughts around the topic.  

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