Driving SEO with PPC – Kane Bartlett #brightonseo

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Kane Bartlett is the Senior PPC Manager at GO Optimisation and has a wealth of experience managing high profile PPC accounts. With this knowledge of big name brands, his talk on “Driving SEO with PPC” is bound to offer us some great insights.

In this quick-fire presentation the main question asked was “If we spend more on PPC will organic traffic see any lift?” Although PPC has no influence on organic search rankings the answer to this question seems to be yes. Both for high and low value products the non-branded keyword search traffic experienced uplifts as did brand searches. This uplift generated an increase within; new visitors, bookings/sales and the average order value.

So it’s clear that PPC can affect SEO but why? This comes back to how conversions are attributed to SEO and PPC. Those typing in non-branded terms may click on a PPC ad, go off to do more research and then convert through the organic results on branded terms. This is why both branded and non-branded terms see uplift.

Therefore, if there is more interaction between the PPC and SEO departments then benefits can be seen for both. The departments should be working together to create a complete package that will pay dividends throughout the whole project.

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