SiteVisibility launches £25k “Community Digital Marketing Fund” for Sussex based Charities.

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As a company, SiteVisibility’s philosophy is to actively support the communities in which we live and work by investing time and resources to support our local community. As part of our three year CSR strategy we have set ourselves tough objectives and goals that are designed to ensure we are able to really have a positive impact in the local community.

This year we have reduced our energy usage and increased our recycling by over 40% and have also committed to raising £1600 for the NSPCC.

Today we are excited to launch our initiative for 2013, the SiteVisibility “Community Digital Marketing Fund” whereby we will be donating £25,000 worth of digital marketing support to be made available to local NFP organizations to help them with projects that may currently be out of scope or budget.

 SiteVisibility launches £25k “Community Digital Marketing Fund” for Sussex based Charities

During the recession, many charities have been unable to achieve their goals due to funding restrictions and lower donations. Additionally, many charities are only just starting to explore the opportunities available through social media and few of the smaller charities have a strategy in place or the resources to deliver this.   We feel as a company, we have the internal expertise to really help make a difference which is why next year we want to dedicate our resources and skills to help make a measurable difference.

Sussex based Not for Profits are open to apply for all of or a share of the fund from today until the 31st December. To submit an application simply fill in the form on our Facebook page telling us about your charity, the work you do in the local community and what you could achieve with our help.

Also it would be great if applicants could go into some detail about the impact of your project and how it would ultimately benefit the community.

The type of projects we will be considering include:

  •        Digital marketing strategy to grow donations, awareness, sales etc
  •        SEO strategy and on-going campaign.
  •        Social Media strategy, training or community management
  •        Internal digital marketing training.
  •        Email marketing

The winner may turn out to be a series of small projects however our preference is to find the local charity which has the potential to achieve the biggest impact as a result a £25k investment in digital marketing.  The campaigns we chose to support will be chosen by the SiteVisibility team and are likely to be based on the long term impact of the work we do and the legacy this investment will leave.

Applications will close on December 31st and be reviewed before the end of Jan 2013.


You are eligible to apply if you are a Sussex based charity or NGO. There is a limit of one grant per year.

Additionally the following statements must be true.

  • The organisation must be a registered UK charity
  • Funds must be used within the UK
  • Objectives of the programme are clear, relevant and the impact is measurable
  • The organisation must provide a detailed budget of how the digital marketing investment will be used and what the potential impact will be on the local community
  • The organisation must be in a positive cash flow position
  • The organisation must provide SiteVisibility with ongoing updates as to progress and impact achieved

Causes supported

The criteria against which applications are selected are as follows:

  • Causes which support and enhance the local community with preference to those who are focused on education, young people and training.
  • Causes which enhance and rebuild the environment in which we all live
  • Causes which provide invaluable support to individuals within the community, or their families
  • Community projects designed to enhance or regenerate the local area


All applications are strictly confidential.

We are looking forward to seeing how we can work with local community based projects in 2013 to help make a real difference. Get your applications in now!

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