Fool Proof Sphinn-Bait Tactics to Reach the Front Page

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on September 21st, 2007 20 Comments

As regular readers might have guessed myself and Eloi are addicted to the social networking site for the search industry, Sphinn. It helps content that might be below the radar of the A-list get noticed and it’s helped us get chatting to some friendly SEOs we never would have met otherwise.

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We made the home page; the milky bars are on me – via flickr

Now it’s been running for a while I’ve begun to notice a few patterns in the content that goes popular and wins a coveted place in the SearchCap newsletter, that I thought was worth sharing with you all. And in true [tag]Sphinn-bait[/tag] style I’ve squeezed them into a top five list.

Talk about Sphinn – much like every social network ever created; Sphinn users are a pretty vain bunch. Any articles talking about the site has a pretty good chance of gaining traction. Find a fault in the system, analyse some user stats or just rework a generic social media article to make it Sphinn-centric.

Submit Something from a High Profile Site – the biggest SEO blogs are popular for a reasons, they have great content. One of the easiest ways to go hot on Sphinn is to wait for SeoMoz, Search Engine Round Table or any of the well read blogs to publish and submit away. It’s not rocket science but if you really want your mugshot on the front page it’s foolproof.

Time it Right – I’ve found timing is quite important when submitting articles to Sphinn, you’ve got to stay on the upcoming page for enough time to accumulate enough [tag]Sphinn[/tag]’s to look like a serious front page contender.

Personally as a British Blog I know I’ve got a good chance of getting a few votes from my fellow islanders; so I tend to submit in the early afternoon, aiming to get six or seven votes from people in my time zone before the huge number of submissions from the US knock it off normal upcoming page. Usually this enough so it can make on to the most Sphunn Upcoming list where it’ll still attract Sphinns. Once you’ve got that foundation you will find the extra ten votes needed will usually come while having a beer down the pub or nicely tucked up in bed.

Get Tamar, Lyndon or Loren to Submit – I don’t know if it’s their eye for quality of just their magnetic personality but there seems to be a few users who have a magic touch. Maybe I can bribe one of them to Sphinn this.

Produce & Submit Great Content – and what guide to social media marketing would be complete with the vaguest piece of advice that is on every SMM list. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s good enough. Learn from your mistakes, if something doesn’t take off try something totally different next time. Keep plugging away you’ll get their eventually.

pixel Fool Proof Sphinn Bait Tactics to Reach the Front Page