The Latest Facebook Advertising Update Explained

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SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising Part III

Writing this week-long series of posts about the opportunities available with [tag]Facebook[/tag] [tag]advertising[/tag] and marketing could not have been better timed, as today’s announcement that Facebook’s advertising scheme is slightly changing proves.

I am therefore going to change my original plans today, and write about the new features put in place for advertisers by Facebook. All of the old features are still there, only they have been slightly re-branded and repackaged.

Some new features have appeared, and most of these features will benefit corporates and marketers, especially SMEs and local businesses.

NewFeatures The Latest Facebook Advertising Update Explained

First of all, and probably the most important thing to note if you’ve been researching advertising on Facebook or have read the last couple of this week’s posts on [tag]Facebook Advertising[/tag], is the fact that the vocabulary has slightly changed.

When logging onto the ‘Facebook Advertisers’ page, you now have two choices: either go for the ‘social ads’ which are simply the same flyers as before, but with a new name, or go for the ‘Facebook Pages’ which are the completely new feature.

Previously, if a business wanted to build an online presence on the social networking site, it had to create profile page pretending it was a person or make do with a group. Furthermore, there have been rumors that businesses setting up personal pages to promote themselves were having their page removed.

Facebook obviously wanted to find a way to differentiate between corporate and personal pages.

Who knows, maybe in the future you ll have a professional and a personal page on Facebook…

So what can a business do with a ‘Facebook Page’? Well, they can build up their database of customers and carry out some marketing/advertising, they can message all of these members when they have a promotion on, they can post pictures, videos, flash animations, and add any application already available on Facebook!

Basically, you can now do for your business what you have been doing for yourself: absolute self-promotion!

Here is a screenshot of the newly created [tag]SiteVisibility[/tag] Facebook Page:

SiteVisPage The Latest Facebook Advertising Update Explained

Once you have created your Business’ page, you can then start undertaking advertising campaigns to bring Facebook users to your page, which ultimately should increase the amount of traffic to your website, or brand awareness at least.

To do this, you simply need to click on the Page Manager icon at the top left hand side of your screen, underneath the search box.

The Page Manager is the application which allows you to create these pages. this is the new application Facebook has rolled out to allow businesses to advertise on Facebook, and is basically an Editor.

I am still learning about the functionalities of the new Page Manager, but it seems to be the only to edit information. You do not need to install it, as it will be done automatically when you go to the advertiser page and start creating your Facebook Page.

I was supposed to review Facebook polls today, but these new announcements and changes to the structure of Facebook deserved the attention! Plus I can’t find the polls anymore…

pixel The Latest Facebook Advertising Update Explained