Do you know who’s following you?

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Stick your hand up if you can name 20 of your followers on Twitter…ok… some of you might manage to do that…how about 30 followers off the top of your head, see getting trickier isn’t it?

Ok, now stick your hand up if you can name 10 important bloggers in your industry on your social networks – ha! Got you!

What I’m trying to say here in a stick your hands up kind of way, is that with so much of your time spread across so many activities the core essence of your social media profiles gets forgotten – knowing your audience.

Twitter for example is such a great platform for businesses, enabling you to engage with customers with the friendlier side of your brand. Here you can conduct consumer research, answer and address customer queries as well as offer promotions.

Not only that, it’s a fantastic tool for increasing your brands visibility and online presence. There’s a wealth of useful contacts out there for you to get in touch with such as bloggers, journalists and key industry news sites.

When your social profiles begin to take off you might find yourself with 1000’s of followers which from the outside might seem fantastic to have that many people interested in your business, but you need to get the most out of key members in your community.

How can you do that? Well Twitter itself doesn’t make that simple. If you want to search through your 13,000 or so followers – well good luck to you. What you need are some tools to help with your social media management, to help make you more efficient but also help you identify and store your most important contacts.

This will save you so much time when it comes to outreaching with your content, and it will make sure it goes to the right people who you know are going to share and have a genuine interest in what you’re doing.

Identify key influencers

Firstly, if you don’t have a big list of key contacts already following you on Twitter then you need think about what types of people you want to have in order to help increase the visibility of your brand. To being with consider some key bloggers, journalists as well as related industry news sites.

Use followerwonk to help you do this:

Search by keyword and start following them.

Separate & store

The next step is very important, start grouping up your contacts into separate lists. To do this head to your profile section on Twitter and create a brand new list (you will probably want to make these private), although depending on the type of list say ‘top fans’ you could consider making it public and your fans will have the satisfaction of seeing this.

To begin with don’t go crazy, stick to 5 different lists maximum. We’re trying to focus on being efficient here as well as making sure you’re targeting the right key people. Chances are, especially to begin with you’ll only want to have a list of about 20 key contacts – that way you won’t be wasting your time contacting irrelevant people.

Analyse and measure

Tools like twitonomy: will help you see who your top fans have been over the last few months. Here you can see who your top mentioners are, your top retweeters as well as being able to view the times and days which received the best engagement.

You can cleanly and effectively manage your Twitter lists that you made on the main dashboard, allowing you to edit, delete and add contacts to these lists. It will give you a clean breakdown of your key contacts latest activities as well as how many followers they have. If that isn’t enough you can interact and respond directly within the tool as well as follow and add any brand new or interesting contacts.

You might also want to check out socialbro for more data analysis of your tweets too:

Visually and from a user’s perspective these tools are so much better for analysing your audience than say Hootsuite.

Key contacts on speed dial

Ok so your company has just released a brand new promotion and maybe even a fantastic infographic to go with it – that’s great well done but you need to get some buzz around it right? Oh yeah! You’ve just remembered you’ve got a handy list of contacts who you know off the top of your head that you can easily access to help you promote your latest campaign


Know your audience, know your key contacts, stay on top of your lists on a regular basis and don’t forget to let your key contacts know they’re special – mentions, retweets and favourites are a simply thank you note.

pixel Do you know who’s following you?